Lakes Department

Lake Knowledge & Safety Test

When completed with the test make sure you email it to and include your name and address. You must take the test in order to purchase boat stickers and you must take it every two years.

Sediment Analysis & Watershed Evaluation

Hole 5 and 6 Planting Plans_Wetland and no-mow areas

CR 725 Inlet_Big Bass_ Plan set

 Phone 219 988 4722

Ryan Grady – Lakes Director

Mike Talley – Lakes Assistant/ MS4 Coordinator 

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Office Facilities – 1092 Shoreline Road

The Lakes department is responsible for the health of the lakes, shorelines, and stormwater flow channels of the community as well as Lakes Patrol. These duties include monitoring the health of the lakes, stabilizing shorelines, reducing stormwater flow, fighting invasive species, maintaining beaches. Lakes Patrol enforces 2017 Boating & Fishing Book.

                                                                                    New floating dock at the Lake Holiday                                                                                        Boat Launch is ready for use.