Public Safety Department

Craig Philp – Director

Public Safety Department Number 219 988 2111

The Lakes of the Four Seasons Public Safety Department is an

back gate

Backgate at Four Seasons Parkway

essential function within the community in its ability of providing safety and security to its residents. The department consists of a Department head, a number of officers, dispatchers, and EMT’s. The officers are required to attend an extensive training program that continues throughout their employment. Our officers work closely with adjoining police departments. The department mans the main entry to Lakes of the Four Seasons 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year; while also monitoring the 117th street entrance located on the west side of the community and the back entrance located next to the LOFS Fire Force property on W 275 S and Four Seasons Parkway via closed circuit TV. The officers are first responders to emergencies within our community and are yearly trained by local Fire Department personnel in CPR/AED use. In addition, the officers have the ability to provide public safety to any one of the lakes via our trained lakes patrol officers.

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