Leaf & Branch Collection Information


Fall Branch Collection: Sep 26 through Oct 7, Porter County.

Excerpt from the Operations Department in October 2017 The Seasonal.
Fall branch collections will begin on September 26 and continue until the final date of October 7 for the Porter County portion of the community including Beachview Ct., Sandy Beach Dr., all of Brandywine Road, and all of Forest Ln. Piles must be placed out on or before the September 26 date, but no sooner than 7 days prior. No collections after the October 7 date.

Fall Leaf Collection, begin October 17 and will continue until the final date of December 16.  This is for the Entire Community.

Excerpt from the Operations Department in The October 2017 Seasonal.
When you are putting out your leaves please remember a few things. Do not put anything other than leaves in the pile. Put plies as close to the street as possible, but not on the road. Keep piles within 6’ of the edge of the road; that is as far as the vacuum hose can reach. Keep leaves away from your mail box. The hose is large and has a hard time getting around objects. If you are placing your “tall grass” or yard clippings out for collection make sure that they are no longer that one foot in length. Longer pieces will clog up the hose. Approach the leaf Vacs with caution, it is a very loud machine and the operator cannot hear cars coming. The sun will be setting earlier and many times we will be vacuuming leaves when it is dark out; so please be careful. This year we added a new “Mini Vac” that we will be using to collect leaves in the cul-de-sacs. It is half the size of the ones we have now and will be pulled by our new F350 dump truck. If you live in a cul-de-sac do not park on the street when you or your neighbors have leaves out. If you do you will risk yours or your neighbor’s leaves not being collected. We know that all leaves don’t fall at the same time so we will be making several trips down all the streets. We will be collecting leaves until December 16 or until the first major snow fall.