POA Policies

DUES, FEES, etc.                                                                                                                     Pay by mail form                                                                                                                      Dues Half Payment Option 2017                                                                                                  Dues Quarterly Payment Option 2017-18
Fees and Membership
Fine Structure
List Of Fees 2017-2018
LOFS Renters Option Form 2017
Permanent Guest Application
Renter Registration Form

ROADS, VEHICLES, DECALS, AND SIGNS                                                                        Addresses-lot numbers
Decal Placement Policy
Forging/Copying Decal Policy
Frost Law
Moped Rules and Regulations
Motor Vehicle Resolution
Political Signs

BUILDINGS, HOMES AND LOTS                                                                                           Alternative Energy
Fertilizer Policy
Garage/Yard Sale
Guest Policy
Inoperable Items
Mailbox Resolution
Pods and dumpsters
Rights and Responsibilities Resolution
Storage of Items on Residential Lots

LAKES & BOATS                                                                                                                    Boat Dock Resolution
2017 Boating & Fishing Book
Electric Motors Lakes on the Green
No Pets On Beaches                                                                                                                                 Waterfowl Resolution

BUILDING PERMITS, etc.                                                                                             Culvert & Drainage Swale Policy                                                                                         Building Permit Policies & Procedures
House Plan Approval Procedure
Instructions for Building Contractors
Miscellaneous Building Permit
Shed Permitting Information

MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                                        Branches and Yard Waste
Fireworks Resolution
Golf Cart Rules and Regulations
LOFS Know the Rules                                                                                                                   Trash and Recycling Receptacles