LOFS Historical Society

The Lakes of the Four Seasons (LOFS) Historical Society is established as a private educational organization dedicated to perpetuating LOFS history and select Winfield history as it relates to LOFS.

The mission will be to:

  1. Foster deeper understanding and appreciation for community history.
  2. Stimulate and encourage the collection, preservation, and interpretation of community history.
  3. Coordinate and further the programs of the county’s other local historical societies and local historians by functioning as a service organization and communication network.
  4. Cooperate with appropriate community individuals, clubs and organizations, as well as the local, state, or national level in projects and activities that will promote and sustain a general interest to our history.
  5. Accept donations of money, real property, or other property on behalf of LOFS Property Owners Association for the above purposes.

The LOFS Historical Society shall operate as a sanctione committee at the will of the POA Board of Directors and Community Manager.

The LOFS Historical Society will submit information and articles to the community manager to be considered for monthly Seasonal publication.

An organizational meeting was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 9, 2017 and lots of good ideas and suggestions were offered.  Currently a small subcommittee will be drafting the constitution and bylaws to be submitted to the entire society for approval then on the the LOFS POA Board of Directors for their approval.