Historical Society of LOFS

The Historical Society of Lakes of the Four Seasons (HSLOFS) is established as a private educational organization dedicated to perpetuating LOFS history and select Winfield history as it relates to LOFS.

~ Mission Statement ~

The mission of the Historical Society of Lakes of the Four Seasons is to collect, preserve, catalog, and display artifacts, documents, oral, photographic and video histories, of all aspects of Lakes of the Four Seasons and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to educate current and former residents of all ages from LOFS and others of our rich and significant history.

The HSLOFS shall operate as a sanctioned committee at the will of the POA Board of Directors and Community Manager.

The HSLOFS will submit information and articles to the community manager to be considered for monthly Seasonal publication.

An organizational meeting was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 9, 2017 and lots of good ideas and suggestions were offered.  Currently a small subcommittee will be drafting the  bylaws to be submitted to the entire society for approval then on the the LOFS POA Board of Directors for their approval.  These draft bylaws were adopted by the society on March 9, 2017 and have now been approved by the LOFS POA Board of Directors.  By Laws of the HSLOFS