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The mission of the Historical Society of Lakes of the Four Seasons is to collect, preserve, catalog, and display artifacts, documents, oral, photographic and video histories, of all aspects of Lakes of the Four Seasons and surrounding areas. Our purpose is to educate current and former residents of all ages from LOFS and others of our rich and significant history.
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Officers for 2019

Chairperson- Sally Lugo
Secretary- Nancy Porter
Treasurer- Colette Perez

2019 July 4th Photo Contest Winners:
1st Place, Diane Botma- "LOFS Americana. Thank you for your service"
2nd Place, Michelle Fuscoe- "Best seat in the house"
3rd Place, Hailey Fast- "Stayin fly on the 4th of July"
Honorable Mention, William Brei- "I proudly display my oversized flag for all to enjoy year round"

First Place . You'll Never Take My Freedom
First Place . You'll Never Take My Freedom
First Place . You'll Never Take My FreedomSecond Place . Electrifying FireworksThird Place . Why Isn't Anyone Throwing Candy To Me
Another Third Place . Spirit of the Fourth of July at Lakes of the Four SeasonsHonorable Mention . Proud to be an AmericanWar Photo.jpg

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