Special Notifications* 

Notice to LOFS Residents about Visible Trash & Recycling Containers Over the past several months we have been noticing a lot of residents placing their trash and recycling containers out earlier than what is allowed per the LOFS covenants/ resolution. Our covenant 7.7 Concealment of Other Trash Receptacles states “Every outdoor receptacle for ashes, trash, rubbish, or garbage shall be so placed and kept as not to be visible from any street, lake, or golf course within the Subdivision at any time except the times when refuse collections are being made”. The designated hours as stated in Resolution No. 2016-06-14 of when trash and recyclables can be placed out is no earlier than 6 pm the night prior to the normal collection time for the designated area in which you live. Further all trash and recycling containers shall be stored as provided in the restrictive covenants no later than midnight on the day of collection. This would also include those residents who are placing out items for re-use or recycling by others. While we can appreciate the fact that people want to recycle items or donate items still in good condition, it has to be done while complying with the rules of the community. Exceptions can be made for those who are leaving the area for the night or some other extenuating circumstances, but those people doing it must contact the main gate with the reasons why so Officers can be made aware. Otherwise, Officers will issue warnings or fines for the noted violation of the community rule.

Reminder: The Lakes of the Four Seasons Property Owners Association Public Safety Department will enforce Lakes of the Four Seasons Covenants which includes traffic violations and will continue to be first responders within our community to emergency calls using amber and white lights. If you see officers behind you with amber and white lights activated, we ask that you pull off or to the side of the roadway as you have in the past. Thank you.

If you need to contact the Public Safety Department please call 988-2111




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