1st Concert of the Season with Unstoppables
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1st Concert of the Season with Unstoppables
Thursday, June 06, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The Unstoppables are a melting pot of veteran Region players that got their start jamming together at Finnegan’s Pub in Dyer. Given the fact that every member of the band has been a part of numerous other bands and projects, it allows the Unstoppables to bring a wide variety of music styles to the table.
Greg and Bruce have been playing together for 30 plus years. In addition, Dan and Mike have also been in the same band for many years. The resulting mix of experience and passion for music is pretty special.
We are all music lovers first and foremost which encompasses a wide spectrum of music genres. Our band was founded on the idea that we wanted to write and play music that was inspiring to us. Whether it’s something original (which we really enjoy sharing) or a cover tune that is a little off the beaten path, we are always in search of a tune or vibe that resonates with folks.
It’s tough to label the type of band that we are because of the wide range of styles that we enjoy playing. A good description might be Americana and Roots Rock and Roll. A rarity with this band is also the fact that we have four lead singers in the group. This along with our four part harmonies is what makes us a tad unique.
Dan Soto is a singer, songwriter and great guitar player who has played with many bands in the Region over the years. He is also a member of the celtic rock band New Element.
Greg Ashby has been a fixture in the NWI music scene for many years. He is also an avid songwriter. In addition, His vocal talent and range are superb. He once sang with Pavarotti with the Chicago Lyric opera as a teenager.
Bruce Chronister also writes, sings and plays guitar. He has been joined at the hip with Greg Ashby for many years writing and performing together in different bands, which included him traveling back and forth from Florida for gigs for many years.
Mike Horgash is a tremendously talented musician that adds so much to the Unstoppables sound. He also writes and sings for the group. His fiddle and mandolin playing are the ingredient that brings it all together for the Unstoppables. Mike is also a founding member of New Element.
Jim Sasaki is a region veteran on bass guitar with a wealth of talent and skill. He’s well known in the music scene, often lending his chops to other projects in the Region.
Tim Flatt on drums and percussion drives a soulful rhythm section for the Unstoppables. Tim’s ability to adapt to a multitude of styles and sounds makes him a valuable asset in the group. Tim was also the founding member of the Region band Old Skool. Tim is a 20 + year resident of Lakes of the Four Seasons
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